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Look what $24 buys at the Farmer’s Market.

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I hear quite a bit about how expensive it is to eat real ingredients/food, and I just don’t “buy” it.  Here’s what I got from our Charleston Farmer’s Market last Saturday for $24.  Also – these vegetables were ~90% certified Read More…

Grilling Vegetables

Grilling Veggies

So easy.  Heat the cleaned grill to medium high (~400F). Oil the grates.  Toss the veggies in some oil and season with sea salt, pepper, and favorite spices or vinegars.  Skewer little veggies (stainless steel or soak bamboo Read More…

Goin’ Bananas…

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Lots of rain here in the low country – over 15″ above normal.  While this is bad for most crops, it has allowed the banana trees in our Charleston back yard to produce fruit!  They start out in a Read More…

Picnic on the Piazza

Picnic on the Piazza (or patio, deck, lanai, veranda, porch)

1 out of 8 people in the world are hungry.  We feel lucky to not be hungry and try not to waste food.  Here’s a look at a piazza Read More…

Tomatoes and Thyme

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Container cherry tomatoes & thyme from the garden.

Kitchen tip: Fresh thyme leaves are sometimes difficult to get off the stem.  Place thyme in the freezer for a couple minutes to make it easier and then pull the leaves gently Read More…

Steamed Artichoke

Steamed Artichoke – Serves 6 as an appetizer

I love artichokes.  My man does not.  I will steam an artichoke when he’s out of town, douse it with garlic lemon butter, and eat it for dinner.

Ingredient List:

Mise en Place – Minced Garlic

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Kitchen tip – making dinner easier is simple.  We eat a lot of garlic.  I mince one head of garlic and dice one onion every Monday.  These are our 2 most used ingredients that I prep ahead of time, so Read More…

Cooking Tip – Making Fresh Whipped Cream

Cooking Tip – Making Fresh Whipped Cream – Serves 8-10

You will never go back to the grocery store for whipped cream or cool whip once you make your own. You can spice it up or sweeten it up (Sugar, Read More…

Cooking Tips – Cooking Dry Beans

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Cooking Tip – Cooking Dry Beans

Dry beans are affordable, yummy, filling, and one of my favorite things to eat.  It’s always smart to have some canned beans in the pantry, but cooking beans from scratch is easy – it Read More…

Mise en Place = Everything in it’s place.

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Mise en Place = a French word for “everything in it’s place”

Getting ready for a recipe is the most important step in being efficient in the kitchen.  Think about the amount of dishes you cut down on if you Read More…