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What is Eat Simple Food?

Eat Simple Food ® is a food blog, a national recipe development and food photography service, as well as a local Charleston, SC personal chef business.

Holler at me at beckie@eatsimplefood.com or phone at 843-410-FOOD (3663) if you are interested in advertising, affiliate programs, sponsored posts, or brand ambassadorships (I have to believe in and love your product!), or to create content / photos for your company, website, magazine, etc…

I can help with recipe development & food photography by creating recipes for restaurants, cookbooks, food products, or culinary equipment companies.  I’ve also started, grown, operated, and sold a brick and mortar retail food production kitchen if you need small business food consulting.

Would you be interested in doing a sponsored post/partnership?

Depends on the product. Eat Simple Food occasionally partners with brands and products I believe in. Drop a line if you think your product is a good fit and you’re interested in working with me through sponsorship or advertising.

Do you / would you be interested in participating in affiliate links?

Yes.  Eat Simple Food is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products sold on Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

If you feel like your company is a good fit for an affiliate links program with Eat Simple Food, please contact me at beckie@eatsimplefood.com.  I will only endorse, recommend, or link to products I love or believe in.

How Does Small Business Consulting or Recipe Development Services Work?

Rates start at $75 a hour and project packages can be discussed for long term commitment.  Email beckie@eatsimplefood.com or phone at 843-410-FOOD (3663) to set up a consultation.

How do you come up with recipes?

I’ve been cooking a long time and the evolution of recipe development has changed and will continue to do so.  I’m inspired by ingredients, leftovers, and my clients.  Some clients send me recipes or ideas they’d like to try.  I’ll generally research the recipe, think about what they like, and modify it several times with several different clients to come up with “a perfect recipe for most”.  I’m also a big fan of challenges so work with what a client has or what’s in my refrigerator/pantry without going grocery shopping.

Where do the nutritionals come from?

I use a program called Nutrifox.  It doesn’t always have the ingredient but I pick the closest and err on the side of a higher fat or sodium content if in doubt.  If a recipe says servings of 4-5, then I will use 5 as the serving size.  Keep in mind that high fat content nutritionals might include skin and/or oil that is generally thrown away.  If something says “garnish” or “optional” it is not generally included in the nutritional information.

Can I use your pictures?

All pictures are copyrighted ©2017, all rights reserved.  Eat Simple Food logo and design has a registered trademarked. Please contact Beckie Hemmerling – Eat Simple Food at beckie@eatsimplefood.com or phone at 843-410-FOOD (3663) to obtain authorization to use any photos for any reason.

Non commercial use of photos/recipes is permitted on social media sites as long as photos/recipes are properly credited as well as linked to Eat Simple Food’s original website content and photos/recipes are also linked/tagged/shouted out to Eat Simple Food’s page on the social media site at the top of the post.  Photos can not be altered or cropped in any way.


Eat Simple Food occasionally writes sponsored posts. When this is the case, I will include a clear statement of sponsorship in the body of the post so that readers know that a post is sponsored. Eat Simple Food also participates in affiliate links.  Lastly, I only endorse and/or recommend brands that I like and use.