Fried Bread

Fried Bread w/ Eggs |
Fried Bread

Man – I love fried bread.  Make bread (it’s super easy – follow this recipe) or buy some pre-made dough from the grocery store.

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  • vegetable oil for frying
  • pre-made bread dough

I use a cast iron skillet for frying.  Add a couple inches of high heat oil (safflower, canola, sunflower, peanut).  Bring to 350F.  If you don’t have a deep fat frying thermometer, then you will have to test the sizzle with a little piece of dough.  You want a light bubble.  Turn the heat way down or off if it’s splattering and popping in your face.  This needs to be a gentle & safe frying process.

Grab a ball of dough and flatten it as much as you can into a disc shape.  Gently lay in the hot oil. Flip it when brown (~ 1 – 1 1/2 minutes per side).  The dough rises a little, so gently smash it down with a spatula to try and flatten it again.  Use a grease splatter guard on top of the frying pan to minimize clean up.  Lay on paper towel lined plate or transfer to an oven at 200F to keep warm.  It will stay warm ~ 20 minutes with no oven.  Don’t overcrowd the pan.

Lastly, if you start a grease fire – remember that oil and water don’t mix.  Cover the fire with a large lid or cookie sheet.  Baking soda can also put out a grease fire.

My aunt would eat this recipe with Pinto Beans and slather the bread in butter.  I like it with smashed salted avocados and eggs.  It is amazing!  Happy Eating!  Beckie

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Fried Bread

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I <3 "Fried Bake" and will try the coconut milk. This bread could definitely make me fat due to eating too much.

Renata Dos Santos

In Trinidad, this dish is called Fried Bake. We typically like it when it “rises” while under heat. You can also add coconut milk to the recipe to give it some added Caribbean flavor! But it’s a staple breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack that is quick and easy 🙂 Thanks for posting it 🙂


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