Mise en Place = Everything in it’s place.

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Mise en Place = a French word for “everything in it’s place”

Getting ready for a recipe is the most important step in being efficient in the kitchen.  Think about the amount of dishes you cut down on if you only use your cutting board two – three times/week.  Even better is if you can chop up your vegetables for the week and store them properly.

Here’s a couple ingredients that I chop up on Sunday or Monday and last for the week: onions, garlic, ginger, carrots (store ’em in water covered), celery (same story as carrots), cucumbers, radishes (same story as carrots), curly parsley.  I’ll also juice a couple lemons or limes for the week, cause I love that juice in practically everything, especially my evening whiskey!

If there’s extra time, I’ll also pre boil pasta for the refrigerator, make and freeze a couple ziploc bags of rice, and hard boil a couple eggs for quick snacks.

Already having ingredients chopped up will inspire you to cook and make that last minute dish when you’re starving.  You’ll eat healthier and save money.  In my previous food business, the kitchen staff liked to call this “lunchbox challenge”.  It was a challenge to make sure that all ingredients were used in some way and nothing was wasted.  I challenge you to do this.  Super fun, super creative, super easy, super environmental, and super tasty!



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Mise en Place = Everything in it’s place.

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